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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

475 lbs. Donated in 1 Week!!!

That is not a typo.  We received well over 450 lbs. of vegetables last week.  Amazing!  

If we keep getting amounts even close to this, we will need to begin delivering vegetables 3x per week.

Thank you so much!

We also had our G4G kickoff event at Amity Plaza this week.  We shared samples of a number of simple vegetable recipes with the senior residents at Amity and gave away an amazing amount of vegetables.  We had a great time!!  We will be hosting a similar event this upcoming week at another site.

If you are interested in the recipes you can find them here: Squash and Cuc Recipes.

Also, we would like to give a big thanks to Recipe for Change for providing all the printed recipes.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Little Garden Humor

Thanks to some forgotten zucchinis, healthy-sized squash, cucumbers, and even a few peppers and tomatoes, G4G donated over 100+ pounds of vegetables this week!