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Saturday, July 30, 2011

What a Difference a Month Makes

It is unbelievable what a difference a month of rain and sunshine makes in the garden.  The whole Pea Patch is green, green, green with sunflowers towering towards the sky.  Amazing!

The G4G garden is thriving amidst it all.
And our donation bins are already overflowing, which has our recipients really excited.  They love the vegetables and look forward to our arrival each week.  So thank you!

This month also brought us three new volunteers- Nicole (and fam), Julie, and Roberta.  Hooray!  We could not survive without our volunteers.

Yep, we are now in the thick of it and once again, we are thrilled with how beautifully people come together to support the project and share with their neighbors in need.

If you would like to donate vegetables, you can find our coolers at Buck Recreation Center and the two Littleton Pea Patches.  We can also arrange pick-ups if necessary just send any inquiries to gardenforgood@gmail.com.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Summer has Arrived

Well, it is hard to believe but summer is already here and the G4G garden is nearly in full bloom.  The broccoli, lettuce, spinach, and peas are all ready to harvest.  It may be another few weeks for the rest of the garden to really start producing but it won't be long until we are collecting 10 lb. zucchinis and yummy cucumbers.

Our donation bins will be available starting Friday, July 8th.  They will be located at the two Littleton Pea Patches (Bemis St. and Shepperd and 703 W. Berry Ave.) and Buck Recreation Center.  We will pick-up vegetables every evening around 7PM.  

All vegetables will be delivered to IFCS's food bank and Littleton Housing Authority Residents.  

We thank you in advance for your donations and support.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Special Thanks to the Littleton Gardening Club

We just wanted to give a heartfelt thank you to the Littleton Gardening Club for selecting G4G as one of their grant recipients.  

We are honored they selected us and grateful for the opportunity to improve and expand G4G's efforts this year.  It was also a great pleasure to attend the Gardening Club's meeting and witness their dedication to gardening and keeping Littleton beautiful.

We are hopeful that this will be the beginning of a mutually supportive relationship.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Spring is here and we are BACK!

 It is hard to believe but spring is here and it is time to get back in the garden.

We at Gardening for Good have already begun to prepare.  We reserved our plot in the Pea Patch, renewed our partnerships with Littleton Housing Authority and Interfaith Community Services, reaffirmed our relationship with O'Toole's Garden Center, and have begun to reach out to our volunteers.  We also just received some exciting news.  G4G's application was chosen as one of the Littleton Gardening Club's annual grant recipients!!!  The grant will allow us to make some exciting new additions to our project.

The launch of the 2011 season will be April 16 11AM-2PM at the Littleton Pea Patch

We will be amending the soil, sculpting the plot and planting a few seeds.  We will also use this day as an opportunity to begin signing up volunteers and solidifying our plans for the upcoming season.  So if you are interested in volunteering or supporting the project this year, feel free to stop by.  If you cannot make it but would like to support G4G, please contact us at gardenforgood@gmail.com.

Thank as always,

The G4G Team

Friday, October 22, 2010

Until Next Spring...

Well, the season has come to an end and what an amazing season it has been.

3,000 LBS OF DONATED VEGETABLES:  That is 6x more than last year.  That is 1.5 tons.  That is an elephant, a mac truck, a whale.  That is an astounding and most generous amount of vegetables!  Thanks to all who donated this year.  You have exceeded all our expectations.

5 G4G COMMUNITY EVENTS: With four cooking and recipe sharing events at LHA senior centers and one end of the year celebration this season, we made some real progress toward our goal of creating a true community of sharing.  It was such a pleasure to share several joyful afternoons with our recipients and one fun day with a number of our generous gardeners.  The opportunity to get to know our neighbors was definitely one of our favorite parts of the season and something we would like to do more of next year.

NUMEROUS PARTNERSHIPS WITH LOCAL LITTLETON BUSINESSES:  I am not sure if we are more astounded by the amount of vegetables donated this year or the incredible support we received from the Littleton business community.  The project, the events, and our success are deeply bound to the generosity of local businesses like O'Toole's Garden Center, Savory Spice Shop, Delizio's Wine Bar and Cafe, Blueberries, Elements, David James Hair Salon, Pat's Bar and Grill, Romano's, Intrigue, and Meryl's Restaurant.  We are also indebted to the Littleton Historical Museum, Bemis Library, and the Buck Recreation Center for their support this year.  Our partnership with Littleton Housing Authority and IFCS was of course essential to the project and finally, our most serendipitous partnering has been with Recipe for Change, a local nonprofit who has kindly offered to take us under their wing.  They have been an incredible support for us this year and we are looking forward to how we may grow together in the future.

So with Season 2 under our belt, we have a great deal to be grateful for and we are.  But we are already looking ahead to next year for new opportunities and surprising successes.

Until then though, THANK YOU!  Enjoy your break from digging in the dirt, have a wonderful holidays, and a cozy winter.  And we hope to see you (or be in touch with you) again in the spring.

With the sincerest thanks,

The Gardening for Good Team